Alphabet Summer Scrapbook

I’ve created two new Summer Books for children. Both are FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers.

The first is an Alphabet Book written by me with pictures and captions related to the Summer Season.

The second is the same book with blank alphabet pages for children to draw, write, or apply their own Summer Pictures.

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Read Across America Day

Photo by Noel Cedric Harrison

How did you spend Read Across America Day?

As a former Pre-K Head Start/Kindergarten teacher, I know how much excitement Dr. Seuss’ birthday brings to schools across the country. The stories, the crafts and the other creative activities make it a memorable day for students and teachers alike.

Today I spent the morning at Crossan Elementary in Philadelphia, PA. I read Kamyla Chung and the Creepy-Crawlies to 2nd and 3rd graders. They were a wonderful audience.

After the reading, the children asked me so many insightful questions. Many of them are also composing their own original stories and were eager to share their ideas with me.

Lots of creativity among our young learners! Thank you, Crossan Elementary for inviting me to participate in your Dr. Seuss Celebration!

See you soon!