Kamyla Chung and the Creepy Crawlies

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Kamyla Chung has a big problem. Every night after her parents turn off her bedroom light, a giant creepy-crawly appears on her wall. When she asks her parents for help, they buy her a nightlight, but that only makes things worse. In the end, they hire an exterminator to get rid of the creepy-crawly once and for all. Will the exterminator be able to help or will the creepy-crawly scare her away?

On A Personal Note:

The Kamyla Chung Series is a picture book collection about a bi-racial character dealing with difficult issues children face everyday. During my tenure as a public school teacher, I saw the fear and dysfunction that childhood abuse and neglect causes. I wrote the books with children, parents, teachers, and therapists in mind.

There is a need for literature that approaches serious issues in a gentle and child-friendly way. The first installment in the series, Kamyla Chung and the Creepy Crawlies, addresses fear and how to deal with it; the second, Kamyla Chung and the Classroom Bully, focuses on bullying and child abuse.

As a nation, we need to start having more in depth conversations about our children’s social well-being and mental health. I hope that through my books children will learn to be their own best advocates. It is also my intention for the books to be a stimulus for meaningful conversations between parents and their children, teachers and their students, and therapists and their patients.

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The Kamyla Chung Series

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Reader Reviews

I loved the story and how Kamyla, though scared, still went to bed every night and tried to work out what the thing that looked like a creepy crawly was. In the end with no luck and becoming more scared her parents call in the exterminator. -Whispering Stories Book Blog

Would love to read more from this author as I like how the story is told but also the life lessons that are brought to the forefront. -Jbarr5

The main character, Kamyla is adorable, and so is her doll, Raggie Maggie. I had the pleasure of meeting the author, Ellwyn Autumn, at an author event and she had a beautiful display with a doll bed, along with a Kamyla doll holding her little Raggie Maggie. So sweet! -Amelia Griggs

What a great story! I had the privilege of going to a story time and hearing this book out loud read from the author herself. Although my daughter doesn’t exactly sit still yet she had a lot of fun. The book is beautifully illustrated and we loved the characters and the story. -Tiffany

The simplicity of diction and beautiful illustrations are appealing to children. And a solution to the mystery makes it a happy ending! Great gift for any child in your life. -Lisa Bee

Tour students were completely engaged in her reading of the book. This is an excellent picture book to use in any early childhood setting. Not only did the children find it entertaining, the teachers found it easily adaptable to many extension activities. -Stephanie Bernal

My children and I love this book. When I say “ Grab a book, time to read.” They go for this book every time. Thank you Ellwyn Autumn, we appreciate you. -D’Andre Blue

This is a great book to solve one of the problems children face when sleeping in their own room. After reading this book pretend to be the exterminator and go into your child’s room and identify the shadows, and where they are coming from. You can always move any of the problem ones that you need to in order to eliminate that issue. -Megan Pighetti

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