Story Starter! What’s In The Cauldron?

Some called her hag, others witch. No matter the title they used to label her, everyone knew her Twilight Brew was magical. A closely guarded recipe, she never divulged its ingredients.

It was easy to guess at some things she stirred into the broth: freshly plucked foul, water, herbs, roots, spices; but how she transformed them into the best tasting chicken soup was a mystery.

What do you think is in the cauldron?

Story Starter!

Who lives here?

My answer:

Who is asking such a silly question? I live here of course. Mr. Shirley Tims, Keeper and Composer of the Maps of the Great Realms, at your service.

A wonderful little spot isn’t it? Don’t you love how the great roots keep groping forward? They grow about two feet every year. It’s widely rumored in Fawnwood that my tree house has the best roots in the forest. They’re perfect for storing my favorite ale and other valuables that I’d rather not mention.

How long have I lived here did you ask? Oh, about 200 years now. Wonderful neighborhood. Not much changes around here, except for the leaves on my roof.

I hate to dash off in the middle of our conversation. You seem like the perfect conversationalist but my dear nephew Simpson is on his way. He and his friends are off on a merry adventure to search for The Fountain of Fair Fortune. And I have the map he requires to get there.

Do drop by anytime. I adore company. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find that map before he arrives.