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The Secret Of Plants In The Environment

Plants are sessile organisms that are unable to move but face the challenge of ever-changing or adverse environments.

The study of the development of environmental changes in tolerant plants is fundamental for the maintenance and streamlining of high crop yields and plant adaptation in natural environments.

The identification of genes that lead to changes or stress tolerance is urgently needed for the growth and development of plants in their natural environment. 

The Secret of Plants in the ENVIRONMENT addresses environmental concerns such as the different types of stress situations and plant adaptation to changing environments, including the positive and negative effects of stress on the growth of crops, the beginning stages of plant life cycles, and plant output.

This book seeks to discuss the impact of environmental changes or stress on plant life, environmental stress physiology, and adaptation mechanisms. It highlights the impact of environmental stresses on plants and crops under changing environments and gives a comprehensive overview of how plants respond to such environments. 

In addition, it serves as a helpful guide to the students, and to all professionals engaged in teaching and research on environmental-related subjects.

It dwells on some important aspects of environmental change or stress as the main issue affecting the survival of plants at the early stages of their life cycle.

Hence, the author hopes that both early-career scientists and research scholars interested in pursuing environmental science to an advanced stage would also benefit from the important information discussed in this book.

Author Bio

Dr. RISHIKESH UPADHYAY, also known as R K UPADHYAY, formerly research fellow of Assam University, is currently an Assistant Professor of Plant Environmental Physiology and Chemistry at Assam University affiliated college in India.

He is the author of numerous scientific articles and books in the fields of plant environmental physiology and environmental stressors response in plants.

Dr. Upadhyay is a recipient of the UGC Research Fellowship award, Albert Nelson Lifetime Achievement award, Elsevier Science Reviewer Recognition award, etc. Much of his work is confined to teaching and researching physio-biochemical and environmental stress responses in plants. 

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/dp/1648509207

Barnes and Noble – https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-secret-of-plants-in-the-environment-rishikesh-upadhyay/1136804052

You can also find him on –

Twitter-  https://twitter.com/RKUpadhy

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17275904.Rishikesh_Upadhyay

Summer Camp With Ellwyn Autumn

Starts Monday, June 15, 2020 on my Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRBbmeghJYUgldeJmal4TkA?view_as=subscriber

After doing several online classroom visits, my suspicions about online learning for young students was confirmed. Many of them are struggling.

When students return to school in September, most will have been out of the classroom for nearly five to six months. That’s a long time.

In an attempt to help, I’ve donned my Early Childhood teacher cap and created a series of short learning videos for children ages 4-7. They’re less than 10 minutes long and designed to be interactive and fun.

Each video (except for one) has a FREE downloadable worksheet. Most can be completed during the video lessons; others can be done with your child on your own time.

Let’s work together to keep our kids motivated, engaged and learning!

Oh, and one more thing, I’m a complete novice on video making. I’m still learning the ropes on lighting, camera shots, and editing. Despite that, I think the videos accomplish my goal, to supplement young children’s learning until they return to school.

Tales Of Ferres Book Blog Tour

Legendary Tales Book 1

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Since the beginning of time, one kingdom in the world of Tarzinëa has remained a mystery. Very few have entered its depths and survived. Walk alongside our heroes and watch their tales unfold as they enter the Forest of Ferrês. Discover everything from wolves so large they look like full grown ponies, to devil creatures that lurk in the night. Expect the unexpected as you venture into the magical land of Ferrês where not everything is as it seems.

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Email: authorkmjenkins@gmail.com

Website: https://authorkmjenkins.com

Author Bio:

K.M. Jenkins is a published best-selling author that writes epic battles, forbidden romance, and tales of fantasy and adventure. She has a big love for the fantasy genre and loves dragons above all creatures.When she is not writing, you will find her running her business as a cover artist at ​KJ Magical Designs, LLC and chasing her twin boys around the house. Between the three she has epic battles throughout the day and nothing ever gets boring.

Where to Stalk K.M. Jenkins:

Website – https://authorkmjenkins.com
Blog – https://authorkmjenkins.com/blog/
FB – https://www.facebook.com/authorkmjenkins
Street Team – https://www.facebook.com/groups/kmstreetteam
Twitter – https://twitter.com/authorkmjenkins
Dragon Ryder VIP Readers List – https://www.subscribepage.com/y2i1x7

Author Sites:

AllAuthors – https://allauthor.com/author/kmjenkins/
Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/K.M.-Jenkins/e/B07GDSWDK7
BookBub – https://www.bookbub.com/profile/k-m-jenkins
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18283505.K_M_Jenkins


  1. I am the proud mother of twin boys. They were born in June 2017, and are a big handful.
  2. Besides being a published author I also run my own cover design business, KJ Magical Designs.
  3. The first book I read with dragons was Elizabeth Kerner’s “Song in the Silence”. This book is what sparked my love for dragons.
  4. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Mass Communications.
  5. I have lived in Sioux City, Iowa my entire life minus two years over in Lucas, Iowa. My dream place to live would be Tennessee or Utah.


Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

I grew up in the small city of Sioux City, Iowa. There is a lot to desire around here and things got boring fast when I was a kid. Now my time is split between being a stay at home mom two twin boys, writing and author engagements, and running my cover design business.

Boredom is what led me to reading books and taking enlightenment in the fantasy stories other authors created. This is strongly the reason behind my own works. I want to create worlds that keep you wanting more, since life can be a major disappointment at times.

When did you first start writing?

When did I start writing? That’s a hard one. I remember in elementary school writing long stories for class assignments, my favorite ones to write were Halloween tales. After, years of practice I would scribble in notebooks, but never thought to be an actual author. My journey has been a long one within the writing world, I just didn’t realize I was a part of it most the time.

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

I’m a big reader myself. I love being sucked into the worlds authors make and enjoy getting to know their characters. In ways the characters become real people and I find more pleasure walking with them on their journey, rather than with real people. I took refuge in books throughout my adolescents and want to bring that to my readers. When they have a bad day I want them to be brightened by my books or find an escape route from their problems.

Who are your favorite authors?

Oh, I have several favorite authors. There are several that stand out amongst the rests. My top three favorite traditional published authors would have to be Elizabeth Kerner, Mercedes Lackey, and Kristen Britain. I fell in love with Elizabeth Kerner’s “Song in the Silence” back when I was in middle school. I have read it a few dozen times and will never grow bored of her work. Mercedes Lackey and Kristen Britain I fell in love with in middle school also. I have followed their books till this very day and enjoy them immensely.

When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

When I am not writing you will find me chasing my two toddlers around the house knee deep in diapers. But, on many occasions you will see me design covers, promotional materials or just hanging out with the family. Work is important but I do make it a practice to keep as much family time reserved for the weekends.

How do you discover the ebooks you read?

I find ebooks everywhere to read. The wonders of being an author and doing Facebook take-over events can end with my ebook splitting from the seams. Another, resource is my monthly promo events I do along with newsletter swaps. I found several awesome books that hooked me for the entire series through swapping with an author. You will have to keep your eye peeled for the promo events I participate in, their are plenty of times there are over 100+ authors participating. Talk about free books right.

What is your writing process?

My writing process is half in–half out. I do a rough of my outline trying to get things set up the way the story should go, however it never turns out that way. The characters in my books have minds of their own and sometimes they just pop into stories without me wanting them there. So, I just like to make a road map to give direction, while I understand at some point my characters will drive us into a ditch, over a cliff, and into the woods to some magical road.

What is your e-reading device of choice?

Right now I do most of my reading from my laptop or cell phone. These devices are always handy and I have easy access too. However, I do plan to get a device strictly for reading, was leaning towards a Kobo reader. But, might change my mind it does that a lot.

Describe your desk.

I don’t have one. If I want to use my computer I have to barricade myself on the love-seat. When I say barricade I mean it, I literally have to take our coffee table push it up against the front of the love-seat and have my legs sit on it. Then I use one of the furniture pillows for my laptop to sit on. Why do I write like this? The boys are monsters or think they are soldiers fighting a dragon. Who is the dragon, you ask? My laptop, I’m afraid. So, to protect the expensive device I bend over backwards trying to keep them away from it. Don’t want to even think about how many times they got a toy and thought “hey, brother let’s smash it.”

What is your favorite creature to write about?

I love all fantasy creatures but my top pick will always be dragons. Dragons and dragon riders have always been a big interest of mine. This is why I when you walk into my house you will see collectible dragon figures, swords, books on dragons, books with dragons in them and so much more. I love other creatures just as much like fairies, but I didn’t build a saga of books around them now did I?

The World Is A Rainbow

Illustration by Christian Dorn via Pixabay

I have no words to express my sorrow at the traumatic events our country is experiencing.

It pains me to see so much suffering among our black brothers and sisters. As a former inner city teacher, I witnessed a very small portion of the struggles minorities experience.

Here’s a quote from one of my favorite songs that my kids and I sang. It always gave me hope for a better tomorrow. When my students sang it together, all their beautiful voices gave me chills.

“The world is a rainbow that’s filled with many colors. Yellow, black, and white and brown, you see them all around.

The world is a rainbow with many kinds of people. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round.

Now you be you and I’ll be me, that’s the way we were meant to be. But the world is a mixing cup, just look what happens when you stir it up.

The world is a rainbow with many kinds of people and when we work together it’s such a sight to see.

The world is beautiful when we live in harmony.” -Greg and Steve, Volume 2

Living Lightly

Title – Living Lightly

Author – Dale Curd and Kimberly Alexander

Genre – Personal Growth / Happiness / SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational / BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Mindfulness & Meditation

Publisher – Harper Collins

Book Blurb – Living Lightly is a daily devotional that offers a year’s worth of opportunities to commune, in the deepest and most beautiful sense of that word, with your self and your life.

Partners and therapists, Dale and Kim Curd step through the universal doorways of life and offer us a nudge to slow down and experiences to help return us to our selves. Their personal reflections invoke gentle introspection, and come from their own healing journeys and from being active therapists.

Living Lightly invites you to explore how your mind works, understand and express your feelings and be reminded that you are much, much stronger than you realize. Living Lightly is a great way to start or end the day.

Author Biography – About Dale and Kim

Dale is a mental health professional, the host of CBC TV’s Hello Goodbye and a co-host of Life Story Project on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The creator of an acclaimed Empathetic Listening Method, Dale leads specialized workshops for law enforcement, hospitals and corporations across North America.

Kim spent twenty years in the tech startup world, became a therapist, and now merges her worlds of technology and therapy, by offering clients online support and programs.

Dale and Kim founded The Child Therapy List and The Men’s List, two global, online mental wellness professional directories, to help normalize therapy and end mental health stigma.

They created LivingLightlyToday.com as an online community to acknowledge and connect with readers and inspire people to share in their passion for beauty. In 2015 Dale and Kim left city life to live on a historic farm in Muskoka, Canada. 

Buy Links


Indigo: http://ads.harpercollins.ca/athrhcweb?isbn=9781443457941&retailer=indigo

Amazon.ca: http://ads.harpercollins.ca/athrhcweb?isbn=9781443457941&retailer=amazon

Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Living-Lightly-Bring-Happiness-Everyday/dp/1443457949

Buy Local: http://ads.harpercollins.ca/athrhcweb?isbn=9781443457941&retailer=hc 


Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/living-lightly-1

Amazon.ca: http://ads.harpercollins.ca/athrhcweb?isbn=9781443457958&retailer=amazon

Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Living-Lightly-Bring-Happiness-Everyday-ebook/dp/B07R1XWB71

Google: http://ads.harpercollins.ca/athrhcweb?isbn=9781443457958&retailer=google

Apple: http://ads.harpercollins.ca/athrhcweb?isbn=9781443457958&retailer=apple

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Facebook: facebook.com/livinglightlytoday

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