Review by Carla Trueheart for Readers’ Favorite

Chris Kringle’s Cops: The First Mission by Ellwyn Autumn is a fun,
 holiday-themed children’s book that should please young readers
 any time of year.

Patty has an inexplicable desire to work for Santa,
but when she visits him at the mall, her little brother Sean steals
 the letters for Santa written by other children.

Patty and Sean have 
just lost their mother, and Sean does not feel that other kids
 deserve to get what they want this Christmas. When Patty attempts
to deliver gifts to those children, she ends up in the North Pole with
 an agent of the “CKC” and helps him deliver these toys. She also 
meets some rather sinister girls, Missy and Jade, who threaten her
mission and reveal yet another obstacle — a man named Senator 
Claudius who would like nothing more than to suck all the jolly out 
of Patty.

There is much action in Chris Kringle’s Cops: The First Mission, from
 the early scenes with Patty at the mall and at home, to the
 imaginative flight to the North Pole. Patty is a fun character who
 has much to learn about herself, and as the book moves on she 
finds out some interesting secrets about a magic birthmark she’s 
always had, her connection with Santa and the North Pole, and her
 mother. The book makes a few leaps from happy moments to sad
moments, especially when Patty talks about her mother.

The tone is
perfect for the holidays in that respect. There is always a sense of 
this Christmas adventure being bittersweet for Patty. Author Ellwyn
 Autumn keeps the action moving, and there is always something
new going on, which should please young readers and keep them
 engaged. Overall, I enjoyed the book and recommend it for
 children. It would make a great Christmas gift!

Author: Ellwyn

I live with my loving husband, two children and dog in Philadelphia, PA. I discovered my passion for writing in second grade when I had to write a book report for school. I was so excited to write the report, until my mother told me that I had to write about someone else's book and not my own story. I became indignant and decided that once I finished the book report I would most certainly write my own original story. I have been writing ever since! My self-published book Chris Kringle's Cops was a Finalist in The Reader's Favorite Book Contest for 2016. I am so happy to share this story with you.  My picture book Kamyla Chung and the Creepy Crawlies was given a 5 Star rating by Reader's Favorite Book Reviews in 2017.