Bedtime Stories with David Shannon

No, David by David Shannon is a hilarious story about a little boy who has trouble making good decisions. Whenever he does something he’s not supposed to his mother always says no, David. As you can imagine his mother has to say ‘no’ quite a lot.

David’s bad ideas lead to naughty antics every parent, teacher, and child can relate to. Everyone’s family or classroom has an impulsive child who needs constant reinforcement to do the right thing. Children adore this book. It was a big hit every single time I read it to my students in September. Once I put a copy in the classroom library, they would constantly revisit the story throughout the school year, and giggle through conversations about David and his bad ideas.

No, David! is the perfect story to discuss appropriate behavior with your child. It is also a good segue into talking about consequences for one’s actions and accepting responsibility for them. While you read with your child, discuss David’s actions and whether he’s doing the right thing. Together, brainstorm ideas on how David should behave and how he can make things right for his naughty behavior.

Even More Bedtime Stories With Mo Willems

Hello Readers!

I was at the library the other day and I found the third installment of Knuffle Bunny. It’s called Knuffle Bunny Free and it’s just as witty and heartwarming as the first two. I may be a grown-up, but I was super excited to discover there was another bunny book. I’ve been reading the other two installments to my students for years and I get a real kick out of them.

In this installment, Trixie goes on a family trip to visit her grandparents in Holland. She, her parents, and Knuffle Bunny board an airplane and settle in for a long flight. Once they’ve landed there’s great excitement when everyone is reunited. After the hoopla dies down, Trixie realizes something. I’m sure by now you know what it is that she realizes, but you’re going to have to read the book to find out if you’re correct.

After you’ve read all three books, you and your child could do a character study of Trixie. Discuss how she changed over the course of the trilogy: the things that she learned, how she dealt with the loss of Knuffle Bunny, the difference in her physical appearance. If you go on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ll find a ton of fun ideas for each and every Knuffle Bunny book.I hope these book reviews have given you a starting point into exploring the wonderful world of literature with your child. Please share any comments or ideas you have to expand on this topic.

Other books by Mo Willems:


Bedtime Stories and Stuffed Animals

Most parents carry on the tried and true tradition of reading to their child before he goes to bed at night, but sharing a story is more than a nighttime ritual. Reading to your child at anytime of day is beneficial; it promotes a positive attitude toward books, it builds fluency and it develops vocabulary. Pairing the reading with a tangible object your child can hold while you read together adds to the emotional connection and emotional memory your child will develop for reading.

One of my favorite picture books to read is Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems.

Through a mixed medium of photography and animated illustration, Mr. Willems has created a comical story that every parent can relate to, a child losing their favorite toy and the tears and frustration that follow until the treasured ‘lovey’ is found.

Kohl’s through the Kohl’s Cares program is now selling Mo Willems’ book characters and Knuffle Bunny is one of them. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy some reading time with your little one than by snuggling up with Knuffle Bunny and reading the book together. After you’ve read the book to your child, encourage her to ‘read’ or re-tell it to Knuffle Bunny. What a wonderful way to reinforce language development and a lifelong love of reading.