Story Starter! Use The 5 Senses To Describe

I titled this as another Story Starter but after completing the task a more apt name would have been Story Challenge.

It’s taken me a few days to write a list of descriptions for each of the 5 senses for the picture. Sometimes I agonize over words which then hinders my productivity.

Many authors describe landscapes so fluidly and with such finesse that I become intimidated. But, I refuse to let that stop me from working on my craft and sharing what I’ve composed. I know I need to improve in this area so that’s what I’m doing.

I’m not overly pleased with every description but at least I did it. To improve my technique, I will continue adding to the lists I created.


Lush green hills surmounted by gray mountain tops

Thick clouds marbleized with patches of blue and smoky gray

A river surrounded by hills crowded with trees

A lake enclosed by hills thick with trees

A castle sitting on a hill rising above a small town

The sun is shining down


Birds chirping

Water lapping at the shorline

The scurry of furry feet over grass

Bees buzzing



The sweet scents of pine and spruce

A clean wind blew from the south rustling leaves and tufts of grass

Earthy aroma of dirt and grass


The smell of pine and spruce was so thick the scent clung to my taste buds caramel candy

I chewed on a piece of grass savoring the bittersweet flavor


A lazy wind brushed my face

Branches reached out to tickle my arms and legs

The sun felt warm on my scalp

How are you at describing landscapes? I’d love to read your descriptions.

Author: Ellwyn

I live with my loving husband, two children and dog in Philadelphia, PA. I discovered my passion for writing in second grade when I had to write a book report for school. I was so excited to write the report, until my mother told me that I had to write about someone else's book and not my own story. I became indignant and decided that once I finished the book report I would most certainly write my own original story. I have been writing ever since! My self-published book Chris Kringle's Cops was a Finalist in The Reader's Favorite Book Contest for 2016. I am so happy to share this story with you.  My picture book Kamyla Chung and the Creepy Crawlies was given a 5 Star rating by Reader's Favorite Book Reviews in 2017.

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