Book Cover Reveal: Kamyla Chung and the Classroom Bully

Kamyla Chung loves school!

Then one day everything changes when a classmate named Nikita begins to disrupt the classroom. Kamyla grows anxious about Nikita’s hurtful behavior. It’s hard to learn and have fun in school with Nikita constantly misbehaving.

One day the two girls have an argument and Kamyla gets hurt. Afterwards, Kamyla learns of Nikita’s own struggles. Saddened by the unfortunate news, Kamyla rises to the challenge to help her troubled classmate.

Color Poem: WHITE


A wisp of cloud,

A wedding veil.

A bright round moon,

A ship’s full sail.

Baby’s breath, a wedding bow,

Smooth dove wings, cold Winter snow.

A lightning bolt,

A spooky ghost.

A slice of bread,

A bubbly toast.

Mother’s milk, a polar bear,

Queen Anne’s Lace, Grandmother’s hair.


Teddy Bear Tea: A Children’s Poem

Teddy told rabbit and rabbit told me,

To meet them at three for afternoon tea.

Rabbit said, “Pass the message on,”

And with a hip-hop, she was gone.

Her fluffy white tail,

Easing down the trail.

With a big smile on my face,

I quickened my leisurely pace.

Following her firm command,

I took up the task at hand.

I wandered through the wood,

Doing what I could,

To help spread the word,

Until everyone had heard,

Of the Teddy Bear Tea,

Today, at promptly three.


As the time for tea drew near,

Animals came from there to here.

In wave upon beautiful wave,

From every lake, burrow, and cave.

Deer, chipmunks, and snakes,

With berries, tarts, and cakes,

Came together beneath a tree,

With Teddy, rabbit and me,

For tea at promptly three.

It was a grand sight to see!


Under a sky of sweet baby blue,

We met friends who were honest and true.

In colors of black, brown, and tan,

We feasted, we sang, and we ran.

The party was happy and gay,

Until night overtook the day,

And we could no longer stay.

With happy hearts we gazed up at the moon,

Knowing that we would see each other soon,

For yet another jolly afternoon,

Of tea at promptly three,

With Teddy under the tree.







18 Years

18 years of joy

of happiness and excitement too,

18 years of love and laughter

in one enjoyable you.


You are my darling daughter

my precious baby girl,

I adore your green-blue eyes

and every single curl.


You have my sense of humor

and your daddy’s strength of will,

You are very independent

with a multitude of skill.


You have a tender heart,

it’s as warm as the sun,

You have a flare for art

and knack for a good pun.


I love you, love you, love you

you are my daughter from end to end,

I love you, love you, love you

you are my sunshine and my friend.